# Chevereto 3.9.1


  • Added filter to hide banned user content from /explore
  • Added is_upload_enabled() theme conditional
  • Added webkit CSS vendor prefixes (fixes issues with old mobile browsers)
  • Fixed bug in class.lock.php (PHP 5.5 incompatibility)
  • Fixed bug in data-login-needed links (upload, like, etc.)
  • Fixed bug in snippets/anywhere_uploader.php (typo)
  • Fixed bug in stats.sql
  • Fixed bug in class.listing.php (album join clause)
  • Fixed bug in class.settings.php
  • Fixed bug in route.json.php (upload to album stuff)
  • Fixed bug in reCaptcha modal login box
  • Updated Chinese Traditional, Czech, French and Japanese translations
  • Updated G\ to v1.0.38