# Chevereto 3.17.0


  • Added lock file workaround for automatic bulk importer
  • Added option to set the album cover image
  • Added support for equirectangular 360 images
  • Added support for nested albums
  • Added target _blank for "Powered by Chevereto" link
  • Changed recaptcha domain to recatpcha.net
  • Deprecated album thumbs on listings (performance)
  • Fixed bug in Akismet affecting content manager [12701 (opens new window)]
  • Fixed bug in CHV\isSafeToExecute()
  • Fixed bug in listing move to album when disabled NSFW editing [12714 (opens new window)]
  • Fixed bug in S3 compatible endpoint [12543 (opens new window)]
  • Fixed CHV\decodeID bug
  • Improved /moderate (default sort is now Oldest)
  • Improved background processing
  • Improved support for Google Photos importing
  • Removed share tab from /album
  • Removed StumbleUpon share button