# Chevereto 3.8.9


  • Added support for PHP 7.1
  • Added redirector for external URLs (zero link juice passing)
  • Added configurable file size for image load
  • Added integrity check for disabled DirectoryIterator, RegexIterator, Pdo and Exception classes
  • Removed reCaptcha on user settings form
  • Changed whois service to ipinfo.io
  • Improved mobile listings
  • Fixed bug in password protected albums (admin wasn’t able to see those contents)
  • Fixed bug in private content showing owner information
  • Fixed bug in /image Open Graph tags when the image is too big for facebook (GIF)
  • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.21 (security issues)
  • Updated Czech, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish translations
  • Updated G\ library to v1.0.34
  • Updated Peafowl framework