# Chevereto 3.4.4


  • Added check for updates feature
  • Added configurable on/off search feature
  • Added configurable on/off random feature
  • Added configurable on/off social networks share
  • Added configurable on/off embed codes
  • Added configurable logo size
  • Added CTRL+Alt+Click (Cmd+Option+Click in Mac) to select items in list
  • Added close modals by ESC key
  • Added system to re-generate medium sized and thumbnail images
  • Improved medium size image generation
  • Improved thumb display in upload preview
  • Improved uploader animation
  • Fixed issue on image thumb height (admin form dashboard)
  • Fixed Peafowl overflow issues in mobile devices
  • Fixed issues with some filenames in /images
  • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations