# Chevereto 3.13.0


  • Added support for PHP 7.3
  • Added support for emoji (utf8mb4)
  • Added chv_images combo index for better performance (album id, image id) [11091 (opens new window)]
  • Added more theme hooks (after open head, after closing head, after open body)
  • Added php.ini file location in /dashboard
  • Added dashboard option to dump the SQL update query
  • Improved hreflang implementation [11035 (opens new window)]
  • Improved DB fulltext engine detection (improves MariaDB support)
  • Improved content of the alt tag [10591 (opens new window)]
  • Changed Backblaze B2 PHP SDK [11055 (opens new window)]
  • Fixed bug in wrong upload queue handling [11120 (opens new window)]
  • Fixed Alibaba OSS bug [11104 (opens new window)]
  • Fixed bug in G\json_error [11126 (opens new window)]
  • Fixed bug in Storage add form
  • Fixed bug in route.account.php (disabled signup restrictions)
  • Fixed bug in mobile menu
  • Updated vendor dependencies
  • Updated Turkish and Japanese translations