# Chevereto 3.5.5


  • Added support for FTP external storage servers
  • Added support for multiple active external storages (sequential)
  • Added more stats for local and external storage
  • Added auto fix mode to switch to available storage
  • Added option to set the storage capacity on a given external storage
  • Added tracking of external storage space being used
  • Added search operators to search files in local or external storage
  • Improved tracking of disk space used by each image, medium and thumb
  • Improved album search (titles and descriptions)
  • Improved user and album counters
  • Improved PHP and JS file size converters
  • Improved MVC abstraction
  • Fixed bug with forced private mode and external storage
  • Fixed bug with private mode and non working API
  • Fixed issues with CloudFlare HTTPS
  • Fixed issues with empty user search
  • Updated G\ Library to 1.0.18