# Chevereto 3.7.5


  • Added private profiles
  • Added configurable virtual routes (images & albums)
  • Added configurable redirect on single upload
  • Added auto-disable notifications for personal mode or disabled social features
  • Added “Following” to top user menu
  • Added load button for large images
  • Improved image uploader (better memory management)
  • Improved OpenStack support
  • Improved top logo link target
  • Fixed bug in search with invalid parameters
  • Fixed bug in login/signup box off-screen
  • Fixed bug in singup when using minimum age requirement
  • Fixed bug in image form when selecting album
  • Fixed bug in update from V2 and missing stats
  • Fixed bug in album listings (long album title)
  • Fixed bug in route.api.php when using URL source
  • Updated Spanish and Russian translations