# Chevereto 3.7.3


  • Added configurable on/off social features (follows & likes)
  • Added category disable feature when explorer is disabled
  • Added redirect to image on single image upload
  • Added configurable minimum age restriction on sign up
  • Added consent screen for adult / porn websites
  • Added notification (email) when an external storage fails
  • Added copy embed codes for dynamic list selection
  • Added absolute time display when hovering relative dates
  • Improved maintenance page
  • Fixed bug in search function
  • Fixed bug in private mode and album listings
  • Fixed bug related to apple-touch-icon
  • Fixed bug in maintenance mode
  • Fixed bug in meta apostrophes character encoding
  • Fixed bug in route.api.php
  • Updated Chinese Simplified, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations
  • Updated G\ to 1.0.29