# 4.0.0.beta.4


  • Added automatic focus on :input:first for modal boxes
  • Added CLI, error log commands ready to copy/paste and run (when using Docker)
  • Added CMD + click action to select items on listings
  • Added context menu trigger zoom on listing viewer
  • Added enable URL upload for admin users
  • Added error log location at dashboard homepage
  • Added ESC key binding for closing listing viewer
  • Added SEO URL for embed codes
  • Added support for drop folder upload
  • Added support for paste multiple URLs/Files
  • Added support for Web Share API
  • Added URL_VIEWER as default embed codes sharing link
  • Deprecate color options in favor of palettes
  • Disabled autocomplete for name/title :input fields
  • Fixed assorted bugs from previous beta
  • Improved anywhere uploader user interface
  • Improved user interface for iOS devices (input no-zoom on focus)
  • Improved User settings, Dashboard, Modal/Login boxes, copy button, and pop-menu user interface